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Our days of fragile peace

We live in modern peace, where we work hard to improve our lives everyday. Many of us take our peace for granted.

But one day, a major crisis hits you hard! It could be bombings, natural disasters or a group of terrorists going bonkers. Will you be prepared? The authorities will issue a state of emergency lock-down during the crisis, and you’ll be confined to a safety shelter. 

Should you be worried?

Why not look at the top news headlines for yourself

How to prepare for the unexpected

Think our days of peace are stable? 

North Korea firing a missile over Japan on 29th Aug 2017

Hurricane Katrina in August 2005

Boston Marathon bombing

3 dead and more than 200 injured, lockdown of more than 3 days

Marawi terrorism, a city on the island of Mindanao

Lockdown from 23rd May 2017 till present

Prepare your bug-out bag now while it’s still easy

Will you be prepared in an unprecedented crisis like those? Or will you be combating with everyone else for the last bag of rice?

Guess what items you’ll need during this emergency lock-down.

(Hint: water is one)

Email your list to and win prizes!

Real preppers BUG IN when a crisis strikes

When you have everything you need to be self-sufficient, you don’t have to worry about the dangers outside.

FREE credit card tool folds into a knife in times of emergency

This credit card knife camouflages perfectly into your wallet and protects you as a handy knife when you need to protect yourself.

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attacks are threatening your existence

North Korea openly threatened EMP attack on 3 Sep 2017. Will you survive or be eliminated? Find out how you can be the ACE the next crisis.