10 Survivors Who Will Melt Your Heart

It takes more than mere courage to survive a crisis. A survivor requires resourcefulness and some common sense to brave through the unexpected. Utilise whatever you can access around you and your life will have better odds of survival.

And these 10 survivors are heartwarming examples that could be your inspiration.

1. Diana Pacheco – Got help via Whatsapp

Country : Mexico
Incident : Earthquake
Year : Sep 2017
Story : Diana Pacheco was trapped, so she tried to text her husband through Whatsapp. Her husband received her message a few hours later, even though there was no service. This saved her.

Never give up reaching for help, even when there’s no reception. If phone calls don’t work, spam your messages because all you need is that one instance of connection.

Reference : http://edition.cnn.com/2017/09/23/americas/mexico-earthquake-survivors/index.html


2. Jhun Abapo – Survived on waterlily stems

Country : Marawi, Philippines
Incident : Terrorist Attack
Year : 23 May 2017 – Present (ONGOING)
Story : Jhun Abapo, a construction worker swam for four nights to escape the firefight. He ate waterlily stems to survive.

There are more food sources around you than you actually see.

Reference : http://news.abs-cbn.com/focus/07/10/17/man-tailed-by-maute-treads-river-for-5-days-survives-on-water-lilies



3. Alex and Josh Mann – The early preppers

Country : Florida, USA
Incident : Hurricane Irma
Year : 2017
Story : The Mann family of Marathon, Florida, having prepped for two weeks in advance, were able to survive the ensuing storm and aftermath right at home.

Prep early and you suffer the least.

Reference :  http://www.miamiherald.com/news/weather/hurricane/article173645986.html

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4. Mason Wells – Saved by first-aid

Country : Brussels, Belgium
Incident : Terrorist Attack
Year : 2016
Story : Mason Wells was heavily bleeding from his ankle after terrorists detonated two bombs in close proximity. He tried to head back to look for his colleagues, but the pain in his ankle prevented him from doing so. An Eagle Scout with first aid training began to assess his wounds.

Don’t underestimate the first-aid lesson you took in class.

Reference : http://edition.cnn.com/2016/03/25/europe/brussels-terror-attack-survivors/index.html



5. Reshma Begum – Leveraging what others have

Country : Bangladesh
Incident : Earthquake
Year : 2014
Story : Reshma Begum was rescued after being trapped under rubble for 17 days, during which she survived her first 15 days on biscuits scavenged from rucksacks of dead colleagues and other dried foods.  She had nothing but drinking water on her last two days.

We’re not a fan of grave-robbing, but you can leverage their possessions to ensure your existence.

Reference : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/may/10/bangladesh-survivor-reshma-begum



A 6-metre (20ft) storm surge crashed through the Tacloban evacuation centre, where Emily Ortega, who was 21-years-old and pregnant, took shelter at the time

6. Emily Ortega – Swam to the airport while pregnant

Country : Tacloban, Philippines
Incident : Typhoon (Haiyan)
Year : 2014
Story : A 6-metre (20ft) storm surge crashed through the Tacloban evacuation centre, where Emily Ortega, who was 21-years-old and pregnant, took shelter at the time. By holding onto a post, she managed to swim out and reach the safety of the airport, where she miraculously give birth to a baby girl in an improvised clinic.

Who said pregnant mothers are fragile!

Reference : http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/baby-born-typhoon-article-1.1512946



7. Malawati – Clung to a drifting tree in the sea for 5 days, while pregnant

Country : Aceh, Indonesia
Incident : Tsunami
Year : 2004
Story : Malawati, 18 weeks pregnant at the time, was swept out to sea by the tsunami that struck the Indonesian province of Aceh.  Determine to protect her unborn baby, she survived by clinging to a drifting tree trunk for five days, using a hook to grab coconuts fruits and packets of instant noodles floating to eat, cupping her hands to catch rainwater to drink, and tried not to fall asleep in case she missed passing boats. She was eventually rescued by the crew of a Malaysian tuna Boat, who brought her to Penang for treatment.

Hold on tight and stay on the lookout. Grab yourself a pole so that you can hook things far away, and seek attention.

Reference :



8. Marthunis – Gathered food and water while surviving under a mangrove tree
Country : Aceh, Indonesia
Incident : Tsunami
Year : 2004
Story : Marthunis lost consciousness when he was directly hit by the tsunami. He found himself adrift at sea when he awoke and floated on a school chair until he landed on a beach littered with bodies and debris for food and bottled water, gathering all he could find around a washed up mattress under a mangrove tree. He ran out of food and water after five days, but managed to survive for another 15 days until people found and rescued him.

Keep sourcing your food and water while you can. Ration your supplies to keep yourself alive as long as possible.

Reference : https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2014/dec/25/indian-ocean-tsunami-survivors-stories-aceh



9.  Nazaruddin Musa – Survived the tsunami by staying high ground

Country : Aceh, Indonesia
Incident : Tsunami
Year :  2004
Story : Nazurudin, along with his wife, son and a small girl he rescued, survived the tsunami by going to a two-storey building.

Try to go high ground when you’re hit with a tsunami.

Reference : https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2014/dec/25/indian-ocean-tsunami-survivors-stories-aceh


10. Amila – Self-sufficient with food and water

Country : Bosnia
Incident : Bosnian War
Year : Between 1992 to 1995
Story :  Amilia and her family, with no where else to go, survived the Bosnian War by staying at home, growing their own food in their yard, and collecting rainwater from their gutters and purifying it with water purification tablets.

Learn to grow your own food and make your own potable water. Don’t just wait for them to be supplied.

Reference : https://www.primalsurvivor.net/war-story/


Tell us your survival stories

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